Modern Marketing is an online marketing and social media consultancy based in western Newfoundland, Canada. We help today’s businesses talk to tomorrow’s customers using emerging communication channels. We handle social media strategy & management, email campaigns, online advertising, and content marketing using a variety of creative mediums.

We have discounts available for nonprofit groups and charities.

What we do

Modern Marketing helps businesses communicate with their current and future customers. Through a variety of artistic mediums (writing, graphic design, photography, videography, etc.) we inform people of what our clients have to offer, and we relay information from customers back to our clients. This means educating people on products and services, but also sharing experiences.

How we do it

We test, we learn, we try, we fail, we see what works and we see what doesn’t. We aren’t just headline readers, we get our hands dirty and try all the new tools, tactics, and technologies in the world of social media. Sometimes that means that we don’t see results immediately, or that we put effort into something new that turns out to be fruitless, but we learn from it all which ultimately leads to better long-term results.

Why we do it

We believe in a higher standard for a business’ online storefront. We believe that businesses deserve a better presence than one filled with mistyped words, misleading headlines, and missed opportunities. We believe in being honest and transparent with our clients and with their customers. We believe that the quality of our work should speak for itself, in creating content that people online want to share instead of being begged to do so.

We love to think and work creatively, and would love to be able to do that for you.

Your online presence is in good hands with Modern Marketing.